the Greatest Two-Word Sentences for a Brief, Heartfelt Letter.

We all know that not everyone likes small talk. Some people say it's one of the hardest and most painful things they've ever done. But sometimes, less is more! What could be helpful when you feel like you can't say anything in a conversation?

You can add short phrases here and there to feel like you're still a part of the chat and let everyone know you're listening.

You can also use short and sweet lines to send a quick message to someone to make their day better or let them know you're thinking about them. Whether it's a family member, a friend, or your significant other, you can't go wrong with a quick two-word text to make them feel better.

1. Good News! 2. Accept Yourself 3. Be Honest 4. Chill Out 5. Don't Panic 6. Enjoy Life 

7. Forever Free 8. Baby Steps 9. Miss You 10. Good Job! 11. Be Spontaneous! 12. Have Faith 

13. Explore Magic 14. Hold On 15. Imperfectly Perfect 16. Invite Tranquility 17. Just Imagine 

18. Laugh Today 19. Be Kind 20. Notice Things 

21. Shift Happens 22. Have Patience 23. Let Go 24. Stay Strong 25. Slow Down 

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