The greatest villain, death, and cliffhanger in the current MCU were all presented by "Loki."

Loki continues to impress me, a show that I wish would provide us more than six episodes per season, as a regular TV show would.  

But, at the very least, we had this week's spectacular episode,  

which included some of the best moments we've seen in at least this current age of the MCU, even if that's a bit of a stretch. 

Miss Minutes: The Best Villain - I don't think I've ever been more disturbed in the MCU than  

when I saw Miss Minutes make that look as a room full of dissidents was smashed in a big cube. The show had an impact. 

Miss Minutes appearing delightfully murderous, for lack of a better phrase, positioned her as the most fearsome villain in a show designed to set up Kang,  

the new "Thanos" of the MCU. Yes, a sentient clock AI is scarier than he is. 

Victor Timely's The Best Death - Again, there have been few instances in the MCU that have truly stunned me recently, but this was one among them.  

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