The Significance of Lainey Wilson's "Things a Man Oughta Know"

In the music industry, genuine overnight sensations are extremely rare. Most of the time, there are times when people strive and struggle, and huge success only happens when a song that makes a difference acts as the catalyst. 

That song was "Things a Man Oughta Know," which launched Lainey Wilson into the major leagues in Nashville. Since that song's debut in 2019, she has demonstrated her rightful place there with each new release.

Wilson's 2022 best-selling and award-winning album Bell Bottom Country is currently riding high, so it's a perfect moment to take a look back at the song that served as the spark. 

Wilson left her small town of Baskin, Louisiana, to try her luck in Nashville, even though she was under twenty years old at the time. 

Her parents had supported her love of performing since she was a young child, but she had some difficult times in the beginning in the global center of country music. 

She used her talent and perseverance to make small but steady progress.

In 2014, Wilson put out a self-titled album on an independent label while struggling to support herself as a performer and songwriter. Her rise was more of a steady ascent than a sudden explosion, and in 2016 she released a second album on a different label. 

She self-released an EP in 2018 because she was confident in her abilities even though she hadn't yet found her big break. This helped her land a songwriting and management deal.

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