The voice actress for GTA 6 is believed to be Manni L. Perez. Who is she?

Fans of GTA 6 have been crazy about trying to find out more about Lucia and the voice actor who played her. 

Now the attention is on Manni L. Perez, who many fans think sounds and looks a lot like Lucia. Fans used to be crazy about Ana Esposito and Alexandra Echavarri. 

It's interesting that both Perez and Echavarri worked on Grand Theft Auto 5 with Rockstar.

There is no proof that any of these players are who they say they are, but here is a look at Manni L. Perez and why she might be Lucia's voice actor. Fans should not believe everything they read right now because it is just a guess.

An actress from New York named Manni L. Perez has lent her voice to GTA 5, especially to an NPC named "Clubber 2," according to IMDb. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Marvel/Netflix's Jessica Jones, and The Blacklist are just a few of the popular TV shows she's worked on.

For her part as Esperanza Morales on Law & Order SVU, Perez also won the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress. Some fans think that Rockstar has a past of hiring actors from Law & Order because Ned Luke, 

who voices Michael, and Steven Ogg, who voices Trevor, have both been on the show. This could just be a coincidence, though, since the show has had a lot of different players.

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