This Is How Fearlessly Taylor Swift Dominates 2023

Without a doubt, 2023 was Taylor Swift's year. With new albums, a concert film that threatened to defy decades of Hollywood tradition, 

and a record-shattering tour, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter returned stronger than a 90s fad.  

However, there's more.The 10th album by Swift, "Midnights," was released in October 2022, 

and that was when it all began. Swift's first single, "Anti-Hero," kept getting better and better until it eventually took over radio for a full year.  

Meanwhile, she was organizing her stadium tour, "The Eras Tour," which helped the economy in real terms.  

Swift was all over the place. To cash in on the trend, reality competition shows "Dancing With the Stars" and "The Voice" launched their own Swift-themed events.  

For crying out loud, the NFL even appropriated Swift's Taylor's Version trademark!Swift's quest to recover the rights to her songs ,

has also seen her release two more rerecorded albums this year.Continue reading for Taylor Swift's 2023 main character moments that will enchant you:

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