This woman has seven million followers by impersonating the Kardashians.

The Kardashian sisters are currently engaged in a passive-aggressive conversation about who should be in charge of celebrating Thanksgiving meal this year.  

They are seated around a sparkling kitchen table. 

This is Kourtney, speaking in her signature monotone drawl. "Me," she says. 

"But as long as you guys are here by three and gone by four...Those are my boundaries." 

Before Kim glances up from her phone to strike her oldest sibling with a caustic scowl that many people already know all too well, 

Khloé can be heard joking, "Not the Thanksgiving Express!" Khloé is raking her long nails through her hair. 

An incredible ability to imitate the famous sisters has helped TikTok influencer Yuri Lamasbella acquire more than 7 million followers across various social media platforms. 

This scene, on the other hand, is not yet another battle from the first family of reality TV; rather, it is a wonderful comedy play performed by Yuri Lamasbella. 

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