Tom Brady posts 'lying cheating heart' on social media.

Over a year after he and Gisele Bündchen filed for divorce, Tom Brady sent a mysterious message on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday regarding "a lying cheating heart".

The late great boxer Muhammad Ali was credited with saying it. The quotations were taken  .

from an April 1978 UN speech by Ali about South Africa and the struggle against apartheid." 

A person's personality. a person's methods. His ideas. His actions. What he did. are centered on his heart. For what purpose is a man? 

The message said, "A man is his heart." "A man who lies and cheats is a heart that lies and cheats. 

Love and mercy in the heart equate to a loving and merciful man. Living man means having a living heart.  

A man is dead when his heart is dead. whatever a man's title may be.  

A man cannot be great, regardless of his position,

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