Trump commemorates the anniversary of Pearl Harbour despite professing ignorance of its existence for years.

Donald Trump marked the Pearl Harbor anniversary on Truth Social, a platform he launched, years after claims of his lack of knowledge about the attack.  

Posting a picture with the caption "Remembering Pearl Harbor," Trump acknowledged the historic event.  

The 2020 book "A Very Stable Genius" alleged that Trump, during his presidency, lacked understanding about Pearl Harbor, as he asked his chief of staff about it before a USS Arizona Memorial tour.  

The book described Trump as "dangerously uninformed" at times, based on interviews with 200 sources, videos, memos, diaries, and calendars.  

In 2017, Trump and Melania visited the USS Arizona Memorial, laid a wreath, and observed a moment of silence, as per the book's account.  

Trump, in a Twitter video, urged to "Remember #PearlHarbor," countering claims of his alleged lack of knowledge.  

The former president criticized the book on Twitter, calling it "Another Fake Book" and dismissing it as inaccurate.  

Despite controversy, Trump emphasized his commitment to achieving positive results for the country.  

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