Trump's courtroom and campaign trail clash is approaching.

As the race to the Iowa caucuses in two weeks collides with Donald Trump's crushing schedule of legal commitments,

the presidential election is set to become intricately linked to his criminal problems. 

The ex-president's four impending criminal prosecutions will cast a shadow over this historic White House contest, 

and the contrast of the courtroom and the campaign trail will define the tone. The nation will face another political challenge that will strain its unity, democracy, 

and legal institutions to the breaking point when the Republican primary ballots are cast. Without a sure,  

Trump would use a second term to exact revenge on his political rivals and would probably try to use his presidential powers to avoid taking responsibility ,

for his attempt to rig the 2020 election.Depending on when his trials are scheduled and whether he secures the nomination, 

the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, may possibly run for office in November having served as a convicted criminal. 

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