Verified or Not: The Renegade Matrix 5 (2024)? Will Keanu Return?

Awaiting fans of The Matrix 5 are curious as to the veracity of the film's viral poster.  

Will Keanu Reeves return for a film in the venerable franchise? Here's all you need to know about the veracity of the poster and if the movie is actually happening.On social media, 

the previously reported poster for the fifth movie, The Matrix: Renegades, has been making the rounds. 

The film's December 2024 release date is hinted at in the poster, which stars Keanu Reeves as Neo.  

It also includes the synopsis shown below:"Wright Bros. Discovery's eagerly awaited sequel, 'The Matrix Renegades,' 

promises to be a mind-bending adventure. This December 2024 blockbuster, starring Keanu Reeves, 

pits Neo and Trinity against one other in a suspenseful struggle to rebuild the Matrix and take control away from the computers.  

Get ready for an exciting journey that delves into previously undiscovered realms of reality following the events of "Matrix Resurrections." 

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