What If the Ending of Season 2 Episode 6 Is Explained.

Strange Supreme hires Kahhori for an unknown task, but it's still not clear what his real goals are before the end of What If...? Season 2.

Strange Supreme used to protect Zola and Killmonger, but his offering may have been harmed in some way.

 Kahhori is one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU world because she has super-speed, telekinesis, shields, more strength, and the ability to last forever.

In the sixth episode of Marvel's "What If..." season 2, a big character comes back right after the origin story of the show's new hero. What If...?'s brand-new character Kahhori has made her first appearance in the new episode.

She is a Native American Mohawk warrior who got her skills from the Tesseract. But it looks like her adventures have only just started after the episode's important ending.

What If...? season 2 shows a world where Ragnarok destroyed Asgard and the Tesseract crashed on Earth, as seen in "What If...Kahhori Reshaped The World?" The broken pieces of the Tesseract turned a lake into a portal that led to a new world. 

Many Mohawk people from different generations went through the portal and got powers and life from the Tesseract. But they only went back to their original world when Kahhori joined them with her strong beliefs, 

as seen at the end of What If...? season 2, episode 6. In any case, it looks like Kahhori is about to start a whole new adventure after her childhood.

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