Why this $20 bill sold for nearly 20,000 times its value

(NEXSTAR) — Everybody enjoys wondering if they can make more money with their money. It can occasionally. For instance, 

 collectors may find value in the hundreds of dollars for certain state quarters. Some pennies and nickels are even worth a few dollars. 

However, occasionally a coin or banknote will sell at auction for far more than its face value. thousands of dollars extra, even.

You are already aware of the potential value of certain coins and dollars if you collect currency.

The most well-known instances are unforeseen deviations or incorrect prints.

A second leaf appeared on the left side of the corn ear on a few of those Badger State quarters,

either in a "high" or "low" position. The reason for the variance is unknown, 

 but quarters with the extra foliage have brought hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales.

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