"Wonka" had a better weekend at the box office than "Aquaman 2" and "Color Purple."

Warner Bros. is still ahead of Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. over the New Year's holiday weekend. "Wonka" is now making more money than 

"The Color Purple" and "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." With those three movies, the company has claimed three of the top five spots at the domestic box office this holiday season.

On Friday, the show with Timothée Chalamet added another $8.6 million, which is 32% more than the week before.

 The Paul King movie has become the most-anticipated holiday movie in theaters, making over $100 million in the U.S. alone this week. 

The movie has made $119 million so far, and it looks like it will make $300 million around the world before the end of the year.

Warner Bros.' "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" only made $6.75 million on Friday, putting it in second place. This is 51% less than its first day last week. 

The most recent and final DC Comics movie version has had a tough time at the box office, making only $65 million in its first week. 

That number was beaten by the first "Aquaman," which came out in 2018, just in its first weekend. This movie, "Lost Kingdom," has gotten bad reviews and people are tired of superhero movies. It probably won't even make half of the $335 million it made in the U.S., let alone explain the $205 million it cost to make.

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