'Yellowstone' star Lainey Wilson talks Kevin Costner's fate on hit show

The singer of "Heart Like a Truck" discussed her admiration for the Western TV series and its impact on country music in an interview with Fox News Digital.

It would go on and on and on and on if it were up to me. "I adore Yellowstone," Wilson remarked. She debuted in season five of the show as a local country music artist named Abby.

"I adore what they've accomplished for the lifestyle of the West. I adore the impact they have had on country music. It seems like they might make country music cool again, so I think it was really wonderful timing for me and what I do too," she said.

Wilson made it clear: "I'm not claiming it wasn't. It's always been cool to me, but if you go on TikTok, you see all these kids who are into country music and wear cowboy hats; 

it's kind of like a pop culture thing, which is really interesting to me because that's my childhood." 

Wilson, the new Sonic spokesperson, says she hopes to return as Abby before the series finale, but she has not heard any clues from the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan, about how "Yellowstone" will end.

Hopefully, I get to return to the program before it ends. The good news is that they haven't yet brought me to the train station.

Wilson doesn't know what Kevin Costner's future holds for John Dutton on the show. Wilson replied, "Oh, Lord, to be honest, I don't even know." "I hadn't even [gotten] to meet Kevin Costner even on the set, but I've heard that he's just an incredible dude, so I don't know."

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