Yellowstone's Lainey Wilson Knows What The Future May Hold For The Franchise

When "Yellowstone" returns for its last season next year, fans may see more of Ryan's (Ian Bohen) new love interest Abby (Lainey Wilson). 

In an earlier interview with Audacy's Rob and Holly, the real-life country singer — who also portrays a musician on the program — 

stated that she discussed the show's ending with series creator Taylor Sheridan, and she's willing to drop everything and film more scenes as needed

"I talked to Taylor Sheridan the other day, and there's a plan," she explained to the magazine.

"Now we just have to see if that plan comes to fruition," Wilson added, emphasizing that anything is conceivable for her character given how far

she has escaped the show's drama. "They didn't take me to the train station," Wilson explained, 

Wilson clarified, eferring to the location where the show's vicious Dutton family famously drops tons of dead bodies

While she'll be "smack dab in the middle of touring" when filming for the final episodes begins, the singer is excited to get the

 "green light" to return to the show. "We'll figure it out," she assured Audacy, plainly willing to modify her schedule if necessary.

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