You'll Miss Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Even More With This New Hot Toy Figure.

Being the first successful sequel in the MCU, Iron Man 2 set the stage for the Infinity Saga. 

Iron Man 2 continues to amaze with its action and performances, especially from Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, in spite of its mixed reviews. 

Tony Stark's Mark VI armor is depicted in the new Hot Toy figure, which evokes nostalgia for the character's early MCU days and its iconic design. 

Even though The Marvels are currently struggling mightily at the box office, the MCU as a whole is still a tremendous accomplishment. 

It shouldn't have worked as well, especially when we reflect on the early stages of this cinematic experiment. 

The latest quarter scale Iron Man figure from Hot Toys is based on the armor from the final act of the sequel and would again show up in the first half of The Avengers.  

The figure has over 40 points of articulation, battle damaged interchangeable parts, functional LED lights on multiple parts of the armor 

As usual for Hot Toys, the Downey Jr. likeness is spot on. Just looking at him will instantly bring you back to the MCU's Phase One.  

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