Your sign's 2024 forecasts and survival tips

Mercury ends retrograde in Sagittarius, encouraging lofty resolutions with higher purpose. Follow advice based on your zodiac sign.

Nicki Minaj's wisdom: "Never feel afraid to become a piece of art. It's exhilarating." Embrace creativity and fearlessness in 2024.

Numerology highlights the power of 8 for 2024, symbolizing achievement, abundance, and balancing karmic debt. Considered lucky in Chinese numerology.

The Strength card (Major Arcana 8) in tarot, associated with Leo, represents emotional resilience, personal power, and joy as resistance.

Strength card features a lion symbolizing passion and ego, alongside a serene woman representing self-love to tame destructive impulses.

The woman in white, crowned with the infinity symbol, symbolizes the limitless capacity of the human heart.

2024 invites exploration of our own wildness—living from a place of vital fulfillment enables us to live freely, give fully, and love fearlessly.

Happy New Year! Roar with vitality and embrace the journey of becoming art in the limitless expression of your true self.

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